We are a team of automotive experts with years of experience with transmissions, and here at Transmission Repair Guy we believe in providing all the actual factual info you need to know about your car’s transmission. You probably drive an automatic car, and automatic cars take advantage of the automatic transmission, a complicated part that gives you the functionality to change speeds automatically. It might sound like an easy breezy contraption because it’s automatic but in reality it’s a complicated piece of technology that needs routine maintenance in order to work properly. On the other hand you have the manual transmission, which is basically the opposite, in which case you have full control over maintaining your car’s speed. I know, who could have guessed when they’re called automatic and manual transmissions right? Manual transmissions may require less maintenance, but maintenance is STILL NECESSARY. The point is, your transmission–no matter what type–is an extremely important part of your car that keeps it running on the road, and it needs to be taken care of, not in the mafia kind of way but in the loving parental kind of way.

So consider usĀ as a reference tool that you can use anytime to learn more about your car’s transmission. We’re not here to make maintenance and repair a complicated and confusing process, we’re here to provide specific information about the questions you might be having so that you, the owner of your vehicle, can make educated decisions for your transmission. We want you to leave here with the knowledge you need in order to create a better world… where transmissions everywhere are happy and well cared for.

So do you need to know about maintenance? We can help. Want to diagnose potential problems? We can assist you there. Looking for the right service for your car? We’ll lend a helping hand. Is repair what you need? We’ll guide you through it. If your question has the word transmission in it, we have the answer. Probably… maybe. Actually yes, we do.

So thanks for visiting our site and you can always drop a line to us through the contact page. If you are looking for more transmission info, you can report to the homepage.

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