Top Auto Repair Help Websites

There are a number of great websites online that offers help for all the automotive dullards with car troubles out there but here are our top picks for the best auto repair help websites. All of our picks either help with installation of parts, how-to’s, Q&A, diagnosis, advice, articles, or other resources along those lines. Our list includes sites like AutoMD, RepairPal, 10w40, 1A Auto, 2CarPros, AutoZone, OBD-Codes, and About Autos. So, if you are experiencing any car troubles right now you can stop by any one of these sites for more information on what should be the next step for you. (Don’t forget to vote for your favorite auto repair help website as well; it only takes two clicks!)


AutoMD - auto repair help websites

AutoMD walks you through each step by helping to diagnose problems easily, give estimates of what a repair will cost, find repair shops near you, and also provides a ton of guides for the do-it-yourselfer. An easy to navigate and easy to use interface helps to take out the frustration of not knowing what’s wrong with your car. Peace of mind has never been easier.


RepairPal - auto repair help websites

RepairPal helps you to find estimates for repairs, helps you to find repair shops, and has a section to ask any questions you might have. You can find a ton of trustworthy shops in your area and get a reasonable estimate that you know is fair. RepairPal also has an easy to use interface and everything is explained in short and simple terms. No fusses here.


10w40 - auto repair help websites

10w40 is a useful site with its main focus on a Q&A section although there are also tons of articles as well. Just simply ask your question and the friendly 10w40 community will get right to answering it. And if you just want more information on automotive repair and maintenance then the articles on the site will surely help you out.

1A Auto

1AAuto - auto repair help websites

1A Auto has an extensive library of auto repair and parts installation videos. Videos are also separated by make, model, and year so just plug in your own vehicle details and videos that match it will pop up. Easy to follow step by step instructions make this website a must for any do-it-yourselfer.


2CarPros - auto repair help websites

The premise of 2CarPros is really simple: ask auto repair questions and get auto repair answers in return. Besides being able to ask professional mechanics any auto repair question there are also guides, videos, diagrams, manuals, and OBD trouble code diagnosis. Articles cover everything from electrical to mechanical to cooling systems and more.


AutoZone - auto repair help websites

AutoZone offers an extremely useful repair help section on top of their amazing auto parts store and the best part is, membership is completely free! The repair help section offers vehicle repair guides, videos, troubleshooting articles, part locations, vehicle specifications, how-to’s, and an engaged forums page. Not only that but AutoZone offers free ODB scans as well as a Loan-a-Tool service. A go-to auto repair site.


OBD-Codes - auto repair help websites

Got an OBD trouble code that you need more info on? OBD-Codes provides everything you need to know about that trouble code and they cover a wide range of makes and models. It provides information like what the code means, symptoms, potential causes, and possible solutions making it easier to fix your vehicle. There’s also forums available for more discussion.

About Autos

About Autos - auto repair help websites

About Autos is a subsection of and offers a lot of auto repair help information. There are tons of articles on fixing, maintaining, how-to’s, and tips and tricks that you’ll find useful.

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