Where Can I Find a Transmission for Sale?

Whether you need a transmission to replace your current one or you’re building a car with separate parts, we’ve got you covered. You can either choose a used transmission or a re-manufactured transmission for your transmission repair.

A used transmission is one that is removed from — you guessed it — a used car. The advantage of a used transmission is that it’s often the cheaper option although you won’t know what condition the used transmission will be in. So while a used transmission is cheaper, it also carries more risk with it. That’s why you should only purchase a used transmission from a trusted auto parts dealer or auto-recycler.

A re-manufactured transmission however is rebuilt in-factory, where all hard parts are replaced and all soft parts (gaskets, seals, bushings, clutches, bands) are changed. Don’t be afraid to do some research before purchasing a transmission for sale either as it could mean the difference between receiving a shoddy one and a high quality one.

Where Can I Find a Transmission for Sale?

Re-manufactured Transmissions

One of the best places to find a re-manufactured transmission for sale is through Advance Auto Parts. There you can find a large selection of quality re-manufactured automatic AND manual transmissions that are rebuilt by leading transmission manufacturers–re-manufactured automatic transmissions from ETE Reman and Moveras and re-manufactured manual transmissions from Pro-King.

Re-manufactured transmissions are offered for domestic, foreign, high performance, and exotic cars and trucks alike so in all probability they have your make and model’s transmission in stock. All re-manufactured transmissions from Advance Auto Parts are also warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 3 years or 75,000 miles (whichever comes first). In order to purchase a re-manufactured transmission, you’ll either have to purchase it online and pick it up in store or purchase it in-store altogether, although looking online gives you a wider selection.

A few advantages of a re-manufactured transmission are:

  • A longer warranty (which covers replacement or repairs)
  • More reliability and a more thorough rebuild
  • All parts are updated with the latest upgrades and fittings
  • Tested on a dynamometer before shipping out to stores

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Used Transmissions

If you are looking for a used transmission for sale then the best place to find one is through an auto-recycler, salvage yard, transmission shop, or an auto parts dealer. You can contact any of these businesses in your local area and inquire if they have a transmission for sale. It might be tougher to find a specific used transmission for your car when shopping locally but fortunately there are online resources you can use as well. Car Part, Recycler, and Automotix are popular options for finding used transmissions online. Automotix also offers free shipping and a 1-year warranty on all their used transmissions. Remember though that purchasing a used transmission for sale comes with more risk than a re-manufactured or rebuilt transmission so research wisely before you make a purchase. A high quality used transmission is one that has no fluid build up around the gasket edges and where the appearance is clean and damage-free. But even then you won’t be able to know the internal condition of the used transmission until you test it in a vehicle.

Tips for Purchasing a Used Transmission

  • Always negotiate for a warranty when purchasing a used transmission. Some salvage yards and auto parts dealers will offer a limited warranty on parts although it will be much shorter than a warranty for a re-manufactured transmission (often 30 days or less)
  • You can use the shifter linkage to test the transmission’s gears. Any gaps while shifting is a red flag for a damaged transmission
  • Always check the transmission fluid for any indication of problems
  • Ask whether the used transmission for sale has been tested and if there are any un-diagnosed issues with it
  • Some shops will give you a list of customers who have purchased used transmissions from them. You can always try to contact previous customers to determine whether they were satisfied with the transmission and service
  • If you can’t find a used transmission for sale, you can consider purchasing a transmission case and having it rebuilt by a transmission shop. This is often cheaper than having the broken transmission in your car rebuilt

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