Transmission Replacement: Is It Better Than Repair?

First of all, let’s make one thing clear. Neither option is going to be cheap. Apart from a complete rebuild, transmission repair and transmission replacement costs can run pretty steep, so don’t be surprised by the quotes some repair shops give you. You’re looking at a minimum of $1000 either way you choose, and prices will only go up from there. Transmission repair means that the current transmission you are driving will be diagnosed and fixed, while a transmission replacement means that the old transmission will be swapped out for a refurbished or re-manufactured transmission. But the question is, which option is better? Sometimes transmission repair will give you more trouble than replacement, and in cases like these replacement would be the better choice.

When is Transmission Replacement Better Than Repair?

transmission replacement - transmission repair guyYou should consider replacement when your current transmission is giving you a lot of problems, it is on the verge of failure, it would take too long to diagnose and fix, or the cost to repair is higher than what it costs to replace. Here’s why:

Lots of problems – If your current transmission is giving you a lot of problems, it could indicate that there are more problems to come. This means you will have to bring your car in for repairs multiple times, which will add up over time. In the long run you might be paying a lot more just to repair it when you can replace it and not have to worry about future problems.

On the verge of failure – If your transmission is on the verge of failure, transmission replacement would be a good idea. A transmission that hasn’t been well cared for will have a shorter lifespan, so if it needs repair but has 100,000 miles and up, that should be a sign to replace. If you choose to repair it now, it might fail soon afterwards and you’ll end up replacing it anyways.

Too long to diagnose and fix – Sometimes transmissions will develop problems that take too long to diagnose, and the longer your car stays in the shop, the more you’ll have to pay in the end. If the repair shop is having a hard time finding what the problem is, you might want to consider replacing your transmission unless you want the charges to stack up.

High transmission repair cost – Transmission repair won’t always be expensive, but this depends on how big the problem is. Costs can run anywhere from $1500 for minor repairs to $4000 for a complete rebuild. If the problem is minor you should opt for repair, but if repairs cost more than transmission replacement you should consider the latter as you’ll be saving money as well as getting a quality transmission out of it.

How Much Does Transmission Replacement Cost?

So how much does transmission replacement cost? According to Costhelper, replacement will range around $1,200 to $4,179 for a passenger car, for an average of $2,324; $1,600 to $4,500 for a pickup truck, for an average of $2,792; and $1,700 to $6,000 for an SUV or minivan, with an average cost of $3,090.